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The BetterSax Mastery Bundle contains 6 of Jay's comprehensive instructional designs that provide you with lifetime access to the following courses: 


-The Pentatonic Foundation 

-Blues Foundation 

-Harmonic Foundation

-Blues Language 

-Core Essentials 

-Pentatonic Patterns for Improvisation

Each course contains a wealth of information that is sure to provide you with new insights on your improvisational journey. If you've ever been curious about any of these topics, this is the place to go!

The BetterSax Harmonic Foundation Course provides everything you need to know and practice for the study of improvisation in jazz and other popular music styles.

The BetterSax Blues Language Course is a great step by step program on how to implement well known 'cliche' blues ideas into your improvisations. This course provides great blues backing tracks in a variety of key centers for you to play along with as well as expert instruction and examples on how to implement them into your playing.

Blues Language.jpg
Pentatonic Foundation.jpg

The Bettersax Pentatonic Foundation Course provides a revolutionary approach to learning the saxophone. Within this course patterns are taught as well as methods for varying these patterns in a personalized way so that with practice you can begin to create unique improvisations on the spot. If you've been playing for a few years, or played in the past and want to pick it back up, this course is perfect for you. Intermediate players can use this course to quickly advance their saxophone playing and get to the next levels.

The BetterSax Core Essentials Course provides a number of great techniques for getting your most personal element of your playing together: Your Sound! The main topics covered here are Sound, Technique and Warmup Routines - all of which will provide you with a solid method you can return to when examining this very essential part of playing the saxophone.

Core Essentials.jpg
Pentatonic Patterns.png

The BetterSax Pentatonic Patterns Course is packed with over 60 patterns that you can use for pentatonic improvisation. Included with these patterns are backing tracks in all 12 key centers with which you can explore each pattern at your own pace. There are expert demonstrations along with each of these backing tracks to provide some great insights on how to take these patterns and make them your own.

The BetterSax Blues Foundation Course is an amazing resource for those looking to get into blues improvisation. It dissects uses of the blues scale in all 12 keys but more importantly teaches techniques for understanding the blues progression so that you can tell a story on this elemental chord sequence. Provided are expert audio examples as well as 36 backing tracks.

Blues Foundation.jpg

Click here to learn more about the BetterSax Studio. Here you will receive course instruction designed to give you the tools you need to dive deeper into learning melodies and the art of improvisation. Jay Metcalf is a master instructor and together we have created what I think is one of the best resources for anybody wishing to learn the art of jazz improvisation with clear instruction and at their own pace alongside an encouraging community of peers. 


The Essential Jazz Repertoire Intermediate Etudes Course is a great way to get some solid improvisational vocabulary under your fingers while also sharpening your technique. This course was designed to work with the BetterTrax Essential Jazz Repertoire Vol. 1 backing tracks and will provide you with choruses of great musical language to play over each track. Included are video lessons/explanations for each etude as well as backing tracks and demonstrations

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