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The ability to apply chromaticism to a diatonic pattern has the potential to completely transform a player’s conception of bebop improvisation. I truly believe that this is the last major diatonic pattern book you will ever need with regards to learning the major diatonic scale inside and out. Because it specifically focuses on how to play ideas up and down the diatonic scale and not just patterns, you can apply the theory to whatever idea you wish to learn.


With each of the 21 patterns written out in all 12 keys there is a wealth of information to internalize on top of learning a very valuable theoretical concept. Learning these ideas up and down your instrument will demystify how to improvise over different types of modes while also giving you a 'new found' comfortablility in whatever key center you are working on.


Learning to take ideas through a diatonic key center has been an absolute game changer  for me and I strongly believe that with some time you will arrive at great results with this method of study. Happy shedding!

21 Diatonic Bebop Exercises - Bass Clef Instruments

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