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Are you looking to improve your sight reading? Have you ever wished there was pages of melodies on chord changes that you could practice to get these ideas into your playing? Do you want to learn more improvisatory concepts and strengthen your music theory concepts? WELL, look no further than the Sight Reading Skills Package! Heres what you will get:


Bebop Etude Books 1 + 2 (30 etudes over Jazz Standards!)

22 Improvised Acapella Solos over Jazz Standards

71 Extended Lines Over Common Chord Qualities

Sight-reading Practice in all 12 Keys


With over 200 pages of uniquely written harmonic material of material learning all of these studies is GUARANTEED to make you a better sight reader and musician. Check this package out TODAY and find yourself with HUGE resource at a great value!

Bass Clef *Sight Reading* Package

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