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These are Odd Times we are living in - no doubt. If you are a musician and have a little extra free time, theres no better way to spend it than in the shed working on some mixed meters. Aside from strengthening your knowledge of different groupings of notes and furthering your independence, studying Odd Time Signatures is a sure fire way to give you new ideas for playing in 4/4 time.


If you've ever wanted to study this concept but weren't sure where to get started, 'A Practical Approach To Odd Meters' is just the Play-Along you've been looking for. With over 150 exercises and 30+ backing tracks, there is a diverse skillset of unknown territory waiting for you in the form of written out and attainable exercises. To get your copy today, visit


Authors Colin Gordon and Steve Kortyka have spent decades studying mixed meters and have come up with a guide that is sure to save you some time in the practice room. Sure to stimulate your rhythmic and harmonic imagination, this Play-Along is an invaluable resource to your library.


Included are:

Contrafacts in 5/4, 7/4 and 9/4 Time Signatures

Fixed Rhythms

Note Groupings

Macro Rhythms

Micro Rhythms

Bebop Etudes


ii V Progressions

Harmonic Sequences

12 Extended Line Work Outs

Drum Loops

Play Along Tracks and over 50 Practice Concepts Demonstrated by Professional Musicians!


Featured in the Rhythm Section is: 

Chris McCarthy: Electric Piano

Ben Tiberio: Bass

Evan Hyde: Drums


and Featured on the Play-Along Tracks are:

Jay Metcalf aka 'Better Sax' on Soprano Sax, Stuart Mack on Trumpet, Rotem Sivan on Guitar, Steve Kortyka on Tenor Sax and Clarinet, Colin Gordon on Alto Sax, Nick Finzer on Trombone, Nathan Graybeal on Alto Sax and Josh Lee on Baritone Sax.

C Instruments (Treble Clef) - A Practical Approach to Mixed Meters

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