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'15 Bebop Etudes Over Jazz Standards' like its predecessor has been designed to give all levels of improvisers melodic avenues through many different sets of chord changes. The progressions chosen in this collection are slightly more advanced, but still contain language that is firmly rooted in the bebop tradition. Mastery of these studies at a variety of tempos is sure to glean new insights to approaching harmony in an engaging way. It is my sincere wish that the pages to follow take your musicianship to a new level. Happy shedding!


Songs included are: 


'Bird's Place' ('Yardbird Suite' chord changes)

'A Day In West Africa' ('A Night in Tunisia' chord changes)

'Night Muser' ('You and the Night and the Music' chord changes)

'Hoarse Comradery' ('Stablemates' chord changes)

'Go Along With Benny' ('Along Came Betty' chord changes)

'Changing Rhythms' (Rhythm Changes chords)

'Eye Of the Star' ('Star Eyes' chord changes)

'I'll Forget September' ('I'll Remember April' chord changes)

'SonnySide' ('On the Sunny Side of the Street' chord changes)

'Soul Body' ('Body and Soul' chord changes)

'It's Happenin' ('It Could Happen to You' chord changes)

'Outer Surge' ('Inner Urge' chord changes)

'So Cal' ('Social Call' chord changes)

'Once Again' ('Time After Time' chord changes)

'Giga Strides' ('Giant Steps' chord changes)


Eb Instruments - Bebop Etudes Over Jazz Standards - 2nd Edition!

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