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Follow along as I describe a specific process I have for learning tunes that will lead to mastery of a chord progression. This is a process that I have taken 20 years to learn and if you make a part of your practice routine will help you to acheive and maximize results in a short period of time. The information provided here is well beyond the price of this masterclass, as it is a new way of thinking about improvisation.


This method is one that you can take with you to any tune and provide fresh improvisational ideas over any chord progression. Here are the topics covered:


-Playing through an Etude

-Extracting Information

-Short/Long ii V Is

-Minor Major ii V Is

-The Rule of 3

-the 5 'Key' Tonalities

-Number Analysis

-Lines Through a Chord Progression and Beyond



'Defining a Chord Progression'

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