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Learn an extensive amount of Improvisatory Vocabulary from reading through this PDF. Improvised Choruses executed over the Standard Chord Progression to 'I've Never Been In Love Before' made accessible through transcription. Concepts demonstrated are:


-Diatonic Improvisation

-Bebop (8th Note, Triplet and Doubletime)

-Question and Answer Phrasing

-Modern Chord Substitutions

-Chord Outlines

-Motivic Improvisation

-Odd Note Groupings

-Chord Progressions including Major and Minor 2-5-1s, Turnarounds and Modulations

-Extended Vocabulary


Being able to play these lines WILL increase your ability to read music and understand chord changes - try this out today!

Sight-reading Practice In All 12: 'I've Never Been In Love Before'

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