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The concept behind '71 Extended Lines Over Common Chord Qualities' is to provide musicians with alternative choices to the familiar lines that they are used to playing over certain types of chords and chord progressions. The chord qualities chosen in this text appear in all walks of music and the lines provided are done so with the intention to spark the imagination. It is my belief that for every improviser, the ability to expand upon their own ideas will help them to more fully express themselves when soloing in front of an audience.


Before each of the 8 chord qualities examined in all 12 keys, there are detailed theoretical explanations spelling out the foundation for the extended lines that are to follow. While there are surely other conclusions to be drawn from these chord qualities, these are by far the most widely accepted. It is my solemn belief that with daily study, a student will eventually gain the ability to transcend these topics (lines) and speak freely using their own personal language.


I sincerely hope you enjoy the path that these lines set you on and you find new growth from the insight gained in this document. Enjoy the journey!

Treble Clef: 71 Extended Lines Over Common Chord Qualities IN ALL 12 KEYS

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