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Virtual Lessons:

- Study with a Professional Saxophonist/Musician with over 25 years of teaching and performing experience at a very affordable price!

- Lessons will be tailored to specific monthly goals designed based on your practice availability and progress

- Receive responses to your inquiries within 24 hours of inquiring.

- Elements of Improvisation Covered: 

    1. Fundamentals of Chord/Scale Theory

    2. Jazz Repertoire

    3. Pop Repertoire

    4. Pentatonic Improvisation

    5. Transcription and Analysis

    6. Rhythmic Variance

    7. Chord Isolation/Line Extension

    8. Chord Progression Practice




Mission Statement: As a musician it has always ideally been my goal to emote through the horn using compositions as a vehicle. I like to encourage anybody studying improvisation to think about everything they are doing in relation to how it is going to improve their ability to play music. Often times I tend to hear other musicians and even teachers get caught up in the rudiments of music but fail to make the connection between how their intention can effect the audience. Unless there are major issues with this ideology (there are definitely plenty of reasons to play music!), the centerpiece of the curriculum will be learning ‘sets’ tunes to a level of familiarity that will help you to express yourself with clarity and most importantly with confidence and solidarity amongst you and your audience. 


Part of the virtual aspect includes the ability to contact me directly as well as 2 meet ups every month to maintain a steady course of study. Video lessons relative to topics of study are uploaded weekly and can be accessesed at any time of the day. Audio recordings and a database of exercises/transcriptions are also available as part of a growing database for informational/instructional materials. 


Upon sign up, you will receive a short questionairre which I will respond to within 24 hours and you can begin on your first assignment. Don't hesitate to join today to begin improving your saxophone skills for tomorrow 


Enroll in Virtual Lessons

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